a little board of captures form my graduation party.

…also thank you FOX FÊTE for sending me a few goodies to help decorate. the little white hanging paper arrangements you see on the wooden wall are from the lovely ladies at fox fête, aren’t they cute and they’re located in new orleans (such a cute city).


fox fête: blanc de blanc/white (paper decor kit)

on may 13th of this year i walked down the same stage of the auditorium i walked down for my high school graduation… four years later. as i walked through the building all of those past memories surfaced and it was the most surreal feeling. i couldn’t believe i was actually graduating from university.

“i actually did it”

my experience in uni wasn’t …great. i saw so many posts all over social media of graduates captioning their posts with long messages expressing their gratitude for everything they experienced, for the memories they made, the friends…

i sat back and thought about how i had nothing like that. i had such a difficult time throughout university. i had many days and nights where i would just cry and feel confused and horrible about myself. i made no real friends, i didn’t go out …my university experience was very lonely.

this among other reasons are why i couldn’t believe i had actually made it! i was actually going to walk down the stage and receive my diploma, all despite those very hard and gloomy days.

…i am a great believer that everyone has their own story. people go through different things and this just happens to be a part of my story, my life.

something that kept me going through everything was that “things will get better” and you what they will. the journey of life isn’t always easy or shiny and happy but one can always get through anything with the help of god.

i pray every night that things will get better and i believe it with all of my heart.


[ …i kind of just wanted to write down and share a little bit more about me and about my life. i definitely want to use this platform as a form of journal for myself as well. i don’t wan to go in to deep on super personal things but if i can ever reach out to someone and connect with someone else…that’s all i can hope because we are all in this together.]

much love darlings,