hello darlings,

happy summer! this is my first summer in a long time to have an actual summer break because for the past years i have been taking summer courses in university but i have now graduated.

omg i know

so what have i been up to?…lots of sleeping and eating.


this summer i have really strived to be the healthiest me ever. i have been sleeping my adequate amount of hours each night and have been waking up early to go for a walk. i have also been going to a few cycling classes which have been so fun. just two days ago i went to one and i am still sore lol. good food has been an important part of this new lifestyle as well.

have you ever had an acai bowl?…they are so good and my favorite thing ever!”

well if you haven’t ever tried one i highly recommend you do like right NOW, they’re so fresh and perfect for summer. last summer was when i first had one and fell completely in love so this summer i have been doing my research and gone around to find the best one in the city i live. so far i have found and heard of three places but have only visited 2/3 because the first one i tried is the best one yet! anyway…i took some pictures and wanted to share. the first place is called RISE UP and their chocolate acai bowl is out of this world. the second place (the one with the cute aesthetic and bowls) is called REVOLUCION COFFEE + JUICE… honestly it’s not as good as it looks but it was cute for pics.IMG_3738.JPGIMG_3737.JPGIMG_6324IMG_6323IMG_3791