i know i may be a little late but i still wanted to post a few pics and write about my experience visiting new orleans for the first time.

i visited with my family by the way and drove for several hours to reach our destination. we arrived there on march 24 at around 8:30-9 p.m. and after we checked in to our hotel we went out and walked around…which led us to the famous “bourbon street”. it’s actually funny because i hadn’t realized it was that street until i saw girls lifting up their tops/dresses and guys were shouting out to show them their “tits” (i know right such gentlemen haha). i actually hadn’t heard much of new orleans but i did hear someone mention this street (i didn’t know what the big deal was).we walked as far as we could there and eventually left, i guess i am not much of a drinker or partier so walking through was enough haha. we just kept walking until we reached cafe du monde and had some beignets and hot chocolate. these were really good, everything was so warm and sweet.

the next day we walked even more and ate at mother’s. i ordered a fried shrimp sandwich and that was so good! we walked some more and took some cute pics, we visited the cathedral which we were unable to walk into because there was a wedding. omg and yes i saw a wedding and a jazz band which i wanted to so bad! it was so cute sadly there was so much rain (which the bride and groom had to dance through) and we had to change our plans. we went back to the hotel and after the rain passed and we rested we went back out and ate some more haha. we had planned to go to cafe du monde for one last time since we were leaving early in the morning but this time it was so packed, such a huge line which we didn’t encounter the previous night (we got lucky). we decided to go to cafe du mode which i also saw had beignets and it was so much better. the cafe is so cute, there was also live music which was so nice, there was no waiting, it wasn’t packed and there was no powdered sugar blowing into our faces…and i actually liked the beignets better. perhaps i liked it better here because the overall setting was much nicer, we had space, there was music and i also had a frozen cafe au lait which you have to try if you ever get the chance to visit.IMG_2065IMG_2067IMG_2088IMG_2093 anyway, this is such a long post already but yeah that’s basically what our hours consisted of. there was so much more i wanted to see and do but because of the weather and the timing we were unable to do…so i guess till next time.DSC04786IMG_2080DSC04704DSC04703