hello darlings,

happy monday! first of all i hope you all have a lovely start to this week, secondly “omg!” i am always disappearing from my blog haha”. i get into these weird moments where i forget i even have a blog yet i really want to post more content on here. i am trying so hard to stay motivated and hopefully i get that drive i need to be more persistent on my posts. anyways… yesterday, sunday february 19th, i went out with my brother to get some acai bowls which i had not had one in forever. i had been craving one so bad from seeing almost everyone on instagram constantly posting lol and so i finally went and got one. it’s funny how usually the places i like eating at my brother doesn’t like except for this one because we both sure do love an acai bowl (“lol even though we’ve only had 2 in our life”). i got a ab&j, “like pb&j but instead with almond butter because peanuts break me out BAD! and i haven’t eaten any because i am really trying to clear my skin” and my brother got the chocolate acai bowl which tastes absolutely heavenly and was actually the first acai bowl we ever tasted. the acai bowls both looked beautiful and were to die for, “seriously!“.

i just got into this super amazing mindset of being healthy and eating nutritiously because i really want to feel good about my body (something i’ve struggled with). i have seen and read articles about sugar and other things and my perspective has changed so much and i am so excited to start this journey, so yesterday i decided to treat my body with a healthy treat “i mean i feel like acai bowls are very healthy because they are freshly made and are organic (at least the ones we got), have healthy fruits and nutrients which help fuel our bodies”. i really have a great feeling about this year and think it will be my best so cheers to that “may we all have an awesome and healthy year!”

… so i took some lovely pictures and i wanted to share them with you darlings.IMG_5209IMG_5207IMG_5212IMG_5215-2

February 20, 2017
February 20, 2017