flower garland

May 26, 2015 0 Comments

Hello Everyone I am Juliezeneth and welcome to  my blog! I am super excited to start blogging on here and cannot wait to share so many things with you all. So, today I decided to share with you this new little DIY that I made. I was inspired by these flowers I had in my bedroom, the flowers were already dead but I found them to look so beautiful so I cut off the parts that were the prettiest and because they still had some color in them I wanted to keep them and display them in some way, so this idea came to be. I absolutely love the way this looks and to me it kind of reminds me of something from anthropologie which I LOVE!These are the supplies needed.Step #1:

The first thing you are going to do is put your thread through your needle and then you are going to put the needle through the flower (you can use petals as well) and pull it through. By the way, I personally used thread because it’s very thin and also not very visible which makes it easier to see the flowers.Step #2:

You will continue to do this until you are done threading all of your flowers or until you are happy with the length of your garland. When you are done threading make sure to tie a little loop so that it’s easier when you hang this up.Step #4:

You will find the perfect place where you want to hang it up!Step #5:

You can use push pins to hang it or as you can see by this picture I already had this screw on my wall so I just wrapped the end of the thread several times.

I absolutely love the look! If you do happen to make your own little garland I would love to see it. Make sure to share your picture with me on instagram or twitter using the hashtag #JuliezenethDIY .